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Why Jade Realty ?


( Worst case scenario while your property unsold )
You are engaged with a Property Agent to sell your
Property at 3, 6 to 12 months contract
Contract ends, the property is unsold and you are
Left with an uncertainty about your cashflow


You are engaged with our Property Agent to sell your Property at 3, 6 to 12 months contract


We will ask you while signing contract if you would like To have an option of collaterazing your property
At the end of contract, if the property is unsold the owner would still get the final goal:
getting the cash

We Help You Provide The Best Property Services

in areas of :


Office Sales & Leasing

Residential Sales & Leasing

Our Experiences


  • J Trust Bank
  • Bank Victoria
  • BTN Syariah
  • PT. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna
  • PT. Waskita Karya Persero

Office Services

  • Indosurya Tower

HighEnd Residential Services

  • Botanica
  • Kempinski Residence
  • Oakwood Cozmo
  • Kemang Village
  • Providence Park
  • Senopati Suite
  • 57 Promenade
  • Pakubuwono Residence
  • Sudirman Mansion
  • Pondok Indah Residence
  • Ciputra World
  • Davinci